December 02, 2006

Good of Kin

Kinvention 2007
We're hosting Kinvention here in Terrace! Come back soon and see more information of what we have planned!

News: 2005
Congratulations to Kin Bruce Martindale on his new venture... He is now the proud proprietor of McBike Shop in Terrace!

Dream Car Raffle - January 01, 2005

Congratulations to ANDRE JEAN, pictured far right, for winning the First Annual Driver's Choice Dream Car Raffle . A total of 2,600 people entered the raffle, making it the most successful first-time draw in Terrace Kinsmen History.

Riverboat Raffle 2004 - Early Bird Draw

Pictured here is Rodney Chinn... His dad, George, bought him the winning ticket for the early bird draw of a $500.00 gift certificate to M&M Meat Shops... On your left is the super handsome President of the Kinsmen Club of Terrace Adam Kirkwood and to the right is the owner of M&M meat Shops and new Kinsmen Phil LeVesconte.

Citizens on Patrol - March 2004

Terrace Kinsmen Donates $1000.00 to the local Citzens on Patrol. The money will be used to purchase new radio licenses, Insurance for their volunteers and some new equipment... Pictured above (left to right) are C.O.P Vice President Winston Gidney, Seceretary Treasurer Jean Wiltzen and Kinsmen President Adam Kirkwood.

Kinsmen Kermodei Swim 2004

What do you get when you cross perfect weather, 300 + spectators, 51 jumpers, and a 15 foot square hole in Lakelse Lake? The 13th Annual Kermodei Bear Swim... This was the first official event of the "Year of the Kermodei" and was kicked off by city administrator Ron Poole and our very own MLA Roger Harris leaping hand in hand into the frigid waters of Lakelse Lake "taking one for the team" so to speak. Pictured above are 2003-2004 Kinsmen Vice-President Colum O'Donnell with his kids and fellow jumpers Kyla, Kelly and Sean.

The Kinsmen would like to thank everybody who helped set up and execute this perfect day... Click here to see the list of jumpers and thank-you's.

Kinsmen Riverboat 2002